Engineered Metal Surfaces for Interior & Custom Projects

The Stories Behind…

Have you ever wondered how some of our more prominent projects came to fruition? With a dedicated, educated, and talented team of representatives, engineers, metallurgists, and designers, Rigidized® Metals is known for guiding projects from concept to completion. Be it an exterior building facade, an interior improvement on durability or aesthetics, or even a custom art project, Rigidized® Metals’ team will support and guide the project the entire way.

This presentation, given by Kevin Porteus, Director of Business Development at Rigidized® Metals, covers the stories behind some of Rigidized® Metals’ most interesting interior projects, including TXTR Wall Interior Metal Wall Panel Systems at Phoenix International Airport; Column Covers at LAX; Acoustical Wall Panels at Miami Beach Convention Center; and the Jaxoscope art installation in Jacksonville, FL.