Rigidized® Metals products are ideal for elevators and metal cab interiors due to their durability, aesthetic appeal, and lightweight material.

Elevator Doors & Cab Interiors

Chances are you’ve been in a metal elevator cab that was scratched and beaten. Abused elevators speak volumes about building maintenance and pride in real-estate ownership. That’s why cab and door manufacturers and elevator consultants recommend Rigidized® Metals for hard working cabs. The durability of Rigidized® Metals products offers significant maintenance cost savings and reduces cab operating interruptions.

Nearly all cab and door manufacturers are customers; simply specify the OEM of your choice with the pattern, finish and gauge of your choice.


Crisp Lines on an Embossed Surface

Rigidized® Metals’ DuoTex line combines the bold presence of our linear deep textures on a refined embossed surface to create a great look at fifteen inches and fifteen feet.

Contact a representative to learn about our available combinations.

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