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Our Linear Deep Textures on an Embossed Surface

Rigidized® Metals' DuoTex line combines the bold presence of our linear deep textures on a refined embossed surface to create a great look at fifteen inches and fifteen feet.

Download the Brochure: DuoTex for Elevators Brochure

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Current Combinations:

.036" Sandtex®xxxx x
.060" Sandtex®x xxxx
.8mm/.0315" Linen BAx x xx
1.5mm/.060" Linen BAx x xx
.8mm/.0315" Squares BAx x xx
1.5mm/.060" Squares BAx x xx
.018"-.060" Satin #4N/A.060" 36" wide max.120" max.060" max.048" min.024" min