Example Finishes

Rigidized® Metals Corporation offers all standard mill produced finishes for both textured and non-textured distribution, as well as specialty polished and embossed finishes.

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#4 Satin
Number 4 finish stainless steel, commonly referred to as "satin" finish, is a general-purpose bright polish that is the most popular choice for architectural applications.

#4 Satin Pattern 6WL®

Hairline Finish
Hairline Finish stainless is commonly referred to as "long-grain" because the grain is considerably more consistent than #4 finish.

Hairline Finish Pattern 6WL®

2B Mill
2B or "Mill" finish stainlses steel is a dull, low-reflective finish with no grain or direction. 2B finish is not commonly used as an architectural quality surface.

2B Mill Pattern 6WL®

RND - Non-Directional Vibration
Rigidized® Metals' Non-Directional polish is a consistently polished finish that produces a low reflectivity uniform surface.

RND - Non-Directional Vibration Pattern 6WL®

B/A - Bright Annealed
Bright Annealed stainless steel has a "cloudy mirror" relfective surface.

B/A - Bright Annealed Pattern 6WL®

Random Swirl
Random Swirl is polished by hand and, as the name suggests, is completely random. No two sheets are the same.

Random Swirl Pattern 6WL®

#8 Mirror
#8 polish, or mirror finish, is polished to a mirror quality with subtle grit lines visible.

#8 Mirror Pattern 6WL®